Flattery Will Get You Somewhere

Via Spencer Ackerman, an intriguing passage from Elizabeth Bumiller's book on Condoleezza Rice:

[Bush] had never met anyone like Rice. She could talk baseball, football, and foreign policy all at the same time, but she did not sound like an intellectual and she never made him feel inadequate or ignorant. On the contrary, Rice made Bush feel sharper, particularly when she complimented him on his questions. Bush did not know many black people well, and it made him feel good about himself that he got along so easily with Rice. It was hard not to see that she was also attractive, athletic, and competitive, and, like him, underestimated for much of her adult life.

It's nice to know that we're governed by a dim-witted man of limited life experience who lets his key personnel and policy decisions be driven by his massive insecurities. Just a few months left to go.