DuHaime's Stamp On McCain's Field Operation

The Republican National Committee has hired many of its Victory 2008 directors. These are the folks who will be in charge of spending the many of millions of dollars that the party doles out for GOTV efforts. Many of them are young -- very young -- are veterans of the Giuliani presidential campaign, and before that, veterans of the 2006 RNC field operation run by Mike DuHaime, formerly the Giuliani campaign manager, and, before that, RNC's political director in 2006 and a regional political director in 2004.

These hires reflect Mr. DuHaime's stamp at the RNC. The Republican turnout effort will be, for the most part, Mr. DuHaime's turnout effort. Do not expect Mr. DuHaime to take on any new titles; "senior adviser" will do. There are Republicans who will notice that several Victory directors don't have experience in the states they're serving this cycle, and others who wonder why DuHaime and the RNC did not recruit more field operatives who worked on Gov. Mitt Romney's more successful presidential campaign.

Here are the names:

Wisconsin: Juston Johnson, a former political director of the Wisconsin Republican Party;

Ohio: Matt Mason, a former regional political director for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign and the 2004 GOTV director for the RNC in Ohio. (He's also a Marine.)

Arkansas: Molly Donlin, a field operative for Giuliani's presidential campaign in Central Florida; she also directed the RNC's 72-hour program in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 2004.

Nevada: Jessica Patterson, a deputy political director for California on the Giuliani campaign and a former executive director of the Ventura County, CA GOP.

Colorado: James Garcia, a field director for... you guessed it -- the Giuliani presidential campaign in Iowa and Florida.

Washington State: Chris Gulugian-Taylor -- the regional political director for Western states on the Giuliani campaign and a former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party. He does have Washington state experience, having run the 72-hour-program there in 2004.

Pennsylvania -- Robert Bozzuto -- no Giuliani campaign experience (!), but plenty of Pennyslvania experience, having served as deputy political director for the state GOP and former coalitions director for Rick Santorum's Senate re-election campaign.

New Mexico -- Alexis Valdez -- a veteran of many statewide campaigns, she served as Southern New Mexico Field Director for the RNC victory operation in 2004 and then the political director of the state party.

Maine -- Ben Gilman -- a veteran of many Maine campaigns.