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To the George Washington University College Republicans Chairman, Brand Kroeger


My name is Daniel Boehmer and I am a member of the College Democrats here at George Washington University. I additionally served as a member of Nicole Capp's cabinet as Assistant VPJLA to Andrew Salzman and on the Joint Elections Committee (JEC) this past year. A long time supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton these past 16 months of her campaign, the selection of Sen. Obama has placed me, like many other Democrats, in an odd position. For me however, the debate between 'loyalty' to my party and voting based on my conscience was quickly settled. I determined that my support would, in lieu of Sen. Clinton's nomination to the Democratic Party, be given to Sen. John McCain. In light of this development, I believe that the GW College Republicans community finds itself with a certain measure of responsibility with regards to the members of the Democratic Party who wish to support John McCain in the Fall. Providing these individuals with some form of organizational support, in my opinion, is a valuable step towards weakening the sway of Sen. Obama's supporters on campus and would ultimately lead to John McCain seeing more support on campus and in the Washington community at large.

First, let me say that I regret to admit that I myself will be unable to actively participate in such a venture as much as I would like, as a result of the fact that I will be studying abroad in the Middle East this summer and this coming fall semester. With this in mind, these words come more as a suggestion than a pledge of an ability to participate at GW in this effort, though I certainly know of individuals more able to help coordinate this effort.

I suggest that either 1) under the auspices of the CRs or 2) by means of the formation of a separate student organization "GW Democrats for McCain" or 3) under the auspices of the organization "GW Students for McCain" the CRs orchestrate the creation of a Democrats for McCain chapter at GWU. Such an action, I believe, is perfectly justified this year because of the large number of supporters of Hillary Clinton who should be compelled to vote for John McCain over her underqualified former opponent, Sen. Obama. It is of course up to the discretion of the CRs which action they might want to take on this matter; however, I highly recommend providing a means for Democrats at GW to support John McCain as a candidate in the Fall. I myself would certainly encourage many of my fellow Hillary Clinton supporters to do the same.

Although I do not have the ability myself to be fully responsible for such an organization, I still felt the need to put forward my recommendation that it be created. Whatever course of action you may take in further John McCain's candidacy this fall, I wish you success.

Good Luck in November,

Daniel A. Boehmer

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