When last we saw McCain campaign manager Rick Davis' ties to the pro-Kremlin party in Ukraine, campaign spokesman Brian Rogers told ABC News that "He was not involved in any work his firm did on Ukraine" even though at the time the firm was doing this work they were sharing office space with McCain's non-profit, the Reform Institute. Now along comes Seth Colter Walls reporting that:

That denial -- which shoots past the question of whether Davis merely worked with politicians in Ukraine to the point of denying any business activity in the country whatsoever -- is now being questioned by another American consultant who served as an adviser to a Ukrainian business group during 2004. This source, who requested anonymity from The Huffington Post in order to protect his business interests, said that Davis bragged to him in 2007 about the continuing profitability of real estate investments that he held in Ukraine.

An anonymous accusation isn't worth a huge amount necessarily, but "Multiple emails to top officials within the McCain campaign on Thursday asking about Davis's investments in Ukraine were not returned" so for now at least it seems like the McCain team may be looking to revise their earlier statements on this matter.

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