You can get your NBA draft combine results here. As reader DM observes, "not a ton of surprises, though both Rose and Beasley measured pretty short relative to expectations." At 6'2" 1/2 in shoes, though, I'd say Derrick Rose comes in at tall enough to play point guard, even if his size isn't super-impressive. Beasely, who's definitely looking short for a power forward at 6'8" in shoes, is a somewhat more interesting case.

In recent years, there've been a series of undersized power forwards -- Craig Smith, Carl Landry, Chuck Hayes, Paul Millsap who slipped very far in the draft due to their small stature and then wound up having decent success in the league. One thing we've learned from that experience is that rebounding is one of the stats that's most directly projectable from college to the NBA -- guys good at pulling them down are good rebounders irrespective of size. Beasley certainly seems to fit the bill. What's more, he measured a 7' wingspan and a solid standing reach of 8'-11" and those factors often turn out to be more important than height.

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