Clinton's Surrogate Talking Points Includes VP Point....

Here are the official Clinton campaign surrogate talking points for Tuesday night. They were distributed to campaign allies by Clinton aide Kris Balderston. Note the very careful inclusion of a mention of vice presidency......

*Tonight, Sen. Clinton is on the verge of winning in South Dakota, a state Sen. Obama’s campaign predicted he would win by 15 points. Hillary’s supporters never gave up on her, and she refused to quit on them, fighting to make sure every voice was heard in this election.

*Regardless of the outcomes, Hillary will be making no decisions tonight. In the coming days, she will be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward. The best interests of our party and our country will guide her thinking.

*No matter who the nominee is, Hillary is committed to unifying our party. Hillary and Senator Obama’s shared views are much greater than their differences.

*Sen. Obama is a talented public servant who has inspired and energized millions of Americans. And we have a more vibrant party and democracy because of the extraordinary campaign he has run.

*Today, Senator Clinton was asked whether she was open to the idea of running as Vice-President and repeated what she has said before: she will do whatever she can to ensure that Democrats take the White House back and defeat John McCain.

*Over the course of this historic campaign, 18 million people have voted for Hillary Clinton—more than anyone else in the history of the Democratic primaries.

*18 million have cast their ballots for Hillary because they believe she is best prepared to lead our country as commander in chief and begin turning around our economy from her first day in office.

*Hillary’s candidacy has attracted a broad coalition of new voters. Millions of new women, Latinos and people over 45 voted in the primaries for the first time.

*Hillary will never stop fighting for the issues she cares about—providing universal health care, expanding economic opportunity and restoring America’s leadership in the world. She knows there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we start acting like Americans again.