Note: I am told that Sen. Obama did indeed watch the speech.

The lines:

The question is where we go from here. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight.

"I understand that a lot of people are asking, what does Hillary want? What does she want? I want what I have always fought for in this whole campaign. I want to end the war in Iraq. I want to turn this economy around. I want health care for every American. I want ... the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard, and to no longer be invisible."

Clinton supporters began to shout "Denver! Denver!" at one point.


"It has been an honor to contest these primaries, just as it in an honor to call him my friend. Tonight, I would like all of us to recognize him and his supporters for all they have accomplished. ... 16 months ago, we began this journey..... mothers and fathers lifting their little girls and little boys on their shoulders and whispering, see, you can be anything you want to be. .... all the people who wanted to make history.... I am just enormously grateful because in the millions of quiet moments in thousands of places, you asked yourself a simple question: who will be the strongest candidate and the strongest president."

.... HRC claims lead in the popular vote....18 million votes cast.... "you're the hardworking men and women who don't always make the headlines...because of you, we won together the swing states necessary to get to 270 electoral votes...have often felt that each of your votes was a prayer for our the end, I am so proud we stayed the course together... I am committed to uniting our party so we move forward stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White House this November... None of you are invisible to me....I see the promise of America day... the challenges that we face are great."

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