Aides Do Not Believe That Clinton Will Drop Out Tomorrow Night

Everywhere, there are rumors of an imminent drop-out by Sen. Hillary Clinton, and I have indeed fanned some of those flames. But there's no real evidence that tomorrow night's speech will be the moment.

Maybe it will, maybe it won't -- who knows how the reality of the results tomorrow will factor into Clinton's thinking at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm Tuesday night.

(1) Senior staffers swear that Clinton has not told them she will drop out and that she has not hinted to them that she will drop out.

(2) The idea to invite major donors and allies to New York was generated by a senior staffer and not by the Clintons.

(3) Donors are being asked to come up; they're not being urged; they're not being pressured; they're not being given information to suggest that tomorrow is a last hurrah.

(4) Tomorrow night's speech is being billed as a celebration of Clinton's campaign and what it and its 17 million supporters have accomplished.

What happens beyond Tuesday is unknowable. Aides are prudently and predictably preparing to leave, but none have been told to. Expense receipts are being gathered by the finance department, which is something that a smart finance department would do in this case.