The manager of the building where my office is writes:

It has been brought to our attention that there is a lack of space on the bike racks near the B2 ramp in the garage. This problem may be caused by people who have abandoned their bikes, and by Clients who are using the bike racks for long term bike storage. To be fair to the daily bike commuters, Clients should not use the bike rack for long term storage.

Of course, an alternative possibility is that the racks are crowded because bike commuting has grown in popularity. But they're going to test their theory out by "removing all bikes that are left on the bike racks in the garage after 9:00 PM on Wednesday, June 18" and then they will "place the bikes in storage for a period of two weeks, after which time, they will be donated to charity." I'll be interested to see what they come up with, but personally I doubt that mass bike-abandonment is really the culprit here.

Either way, eliminating two car parking spots would make room for many bikes, so objective shortage of space should never really be a problem for a garage-equipped building looking to accommodate bike commuters.

Photo by Flickr user Mobikefed used under a Creative Commons license

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