Chris Orr is very right about this utterly okay film:

In any case, at the screening I attended, the loudest cheers of the night by far were for an end-of-the-film cameo by Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark that closely parallels the post-credit Nick Fury scene in Iron Man. (Again, the purpose is twofold: To begin knitting Marvel's comic universe together, and to build buzz for The Avengers.) It was an odd moment, at once elating and deflating. For fans of the superhero genre--and of special-effect action movies in general--The Incredible Hulk is a perfectly solid addition to the canon. But its primary aftertaste is eager anticipation for Iron Man 2.

That said, I do think it's neat that as part of the Marvel Studios venture they seem eager to stitch together a semi-coherent Marvel Studios continuity to sit along side the "regular" and "ultimate" continuities of the books. It's always struck me as a weakness of the various DC or Marvel based films that they rip their characters out of the broader universes in which they've been embedded in their "native" medium.

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