Maybe I'm just out of touch or something, but I haven't heard much of anything about Death Cab for Cutie's newish album Narrow Stairs that they released last month. Indeed, I didn't even realize it had been released at all until about a week ago when a friend offered me a ticket to their show earlier this week at Merriweather. Well, I got the album, I went to the show, and it all makes you recall that Death Cab is a really band!

Pitchfork, in full-on hater mode, gives it a 6.0 and makes remarks worthy of ninth grade like "surely Death Cab's awkward position as one of the few indie rock groups with a platinum record would be enough to drive anyone to drink" but it's a good record. I promise! One doubts anything here will convert non-fans, but decent folk will like it fine. "Bixby Canyon Bridge" is the best, the extended intro to "I Will Possess Your Heart" was annoying to watch live but, to me, works on the album.

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