Why Are Superdelegates Waiting?

Clinton talking point: the superdelegates aren't satisfied yet; they want the race to continue; a large number are waiting.

Discussion: Many of those superdelegates are from districts and states that Clinton won, but they haven't endorsed her -- more so than there are undeclared superdelegates from Obama districts who haven't endorsed him. The undeclared superdelegates haven't endorsed Clinton..why? Probably because they don't want to, and they're waiting until Obama reaches the magic number of 2026, so they won't have to. Many of them are dealing with the reality of delegate math, which all but guarantees that Obama is going to be the winner, and the reality that the voters in their districts and states have chosen differently; they're not going to alienate the nominee of the party, and they're not going to alienate the voters in their district. So they're going to wait.