Whipping Out The Ghetto Pass


And now for some comic relief:

Commenter BigSister takes Obama post-racialism a little far and claims that I don't see race-baiting from Clinton because I'm "not black." OK, so I confess, it is indeed true that I'm a terrible dancer, I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, and I've got the sort of jump-shot that careens over backboard.

BUT--in my defense--I have dedicated my life to defending the beauty of fried whiting, congac, and Nia Long. More to the point, my parents are, you know, black. Alright, they are a brownish/yellow, but the point is either I am black, or I need to get a paternity test done on my son. I know I'm addicted to The Flaming Lips and all, and the time has come to "get beyond race," but come on guys, I live in Harlem for Christ sake. And I once wore a daishiki. And my name is Ta-Nehisi. Hello?