What Clinton's Margin Of Victory Means

0. Nothing in so far as the identity of the probable nominee is concerned.

1. For Clinton, a chance to win the popular vote without counting Michigan (and with counting/estimating the tallies from the caucus states.)

2. A round of stories about Obama's problems in what Howard Fineman calls the "spine of Appalachia," or what Jim Webb would call, the "spine of Jacksonian America."

3. A redoubled effort by the RNC to identify those Clinton voters in WV, PA, KY and IN who say they won't vote for Obama

4. Questions among his supporters why Obama doesn't appear to be taking his problems among white working class votes seriously. Though the white working class demographic is declining relative to other demographics, white working class whites are, as Reihan Salam notes, "overrepresented in all of the so-called battleground states."

5. A little bit more leverage for Clinton on May 31 when the DNC's rules and bylaws committee votes.