Greetings. I left DC Saturday morning with a bunch of friends for a beach house in North Carolina, and I'll be here on the Outer Banks all week on vacation. That doesn't mean I won't blog at all -- I like blogging, and don't think I've skipped a day since some time back in 2003 -- but I don't intend to keep up the full-service posting volume you normally see here on a business day. Consequently, I'm enlisting the assistance of some guest-bloggers. Specifically, we'll have Kay Steiger, associate editor at Campus Progress (sort of like the Komsomol for the new liberal revival in America); Alyssa Rosenberg, staff correspondent at Government Executive (like Forbes or Business Week for the public sector is how they describe it); Kathy G. whose self-titled blog has been taking the intertubes by storm and describes her as "a shrill feminist, bleeding heart liberal, hardcore policy wonk, political junkie, ardent cinephile, and lover of 19th century novels"; Ta-Nehisi Coates author of a self-titled blog, this great article, The Beautiful Struggle, etc.; and last, out of white male solidarity, I've recruited Isaac Chotiner whose work you can often see at TNR or in yesterday's Week in Review and who's promised to say something about the NBA.

And, as I say, I'll almost certainly keep chiming in. So enjoy! And be nice!