Sam Stein has a piece out titled "McCain Touts Green Policies At Wind Energy Firm - But He Opposed Their Key Legislation". I'm not sure the underlying charge is all that damning -- basically it's about how McCain voted against a 2005 energy bill that would have done a lot to help wind power firms. But it was a whole tangle of subsidies for other stuff, too. Basically, McCain cares more about pork busting than he does about boosting wind power, but I think that's a judgment reasonable people can disagree about. I'd go for Kate Sheppard's "The Myth of Green McCain" for critique of the McCain environmental agenda.

But the interesting thing about the Stein piece is that it got emailed to me by the Obama campaign. In short, after months of the Obama press team sending me primary-focused stuff, now they're more focused on McCain-focused stuff. Not a shocking development, but a noteworthy and, I think, welcome one.

Photo by Flickr user kavo1 used under a Creative Commons license