The RBC Meeting: The Challenge Process

When Hillary Clinton and friends say they might take the Florida and Michigan delegation challenges "all the way until the convention," what do they mean?

Think of tomorrow's rules and bylaws committee hearing as a district court proceeding. If any of the parties involved -- be it either of the campaigns or the state parties or the challengers -- wishes to challenge the RBC's decision, they can file a petition with the credentials committee, which does not take over jurisdiction until the end of June.

Ironically, the RBC's chairs would determine the proximate fate of the appeals petition, but it would most certainly end up being forwarded to the full credentials committee for review. As I've written before, Clinton will almost certainly have enough support on the credentials committee to force the attachment of a minority report.

Then, at the convention -- the Supreme Court in this metaphor --, the majority's decision will get a vote by all of the delegates, followed by the minority report, and then.... well, that's the end of the process.

Note: the credentials committee can't issue a "stay" of sorts... until the RBC's ruling potentially seating both delegates is formally overturned, the delegations are seated. So Florida and Michigan's delegations will, after tomorrow, be seated...unless and until they are de-seated by full convention.