The Next Right

A diverse bunch of Republican online gurus have formed a new blog and activist platform they hope will be find the answer to what comes next for a party that lags behind the Democrats in virtually every online metric.

It's caled "The Next Right."

The founders are:

Jon Henke, a former new media coordinator for George Allen's Senate campaign, Fred Thompson's presidential campaign and the new media adviser to Senate Republicans;

Patrick Ruffini, the RNC's eCampaign director in 2006, a consultant for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, and a consultant in private practice;

And Soren Dayton, a longtime Republican activist with particular roots in the College and Young Republican worlds. Until he decided to freelance on his own blog, he worked the political desk for John McCain's presidential campaign. He has also consulted for international democracy movements.

"What we're hoping to do with this new online community is give conservatives and libertarians a fertile space to hash out the answer," Dayton said. "Only when people have a stake in a vision for the future of the party, one that they've helped define, will we see a resurgence in grassroots activism."

The Next Right is not a space for punditry; it's more about building critical mass around the idea that, in Dayton's words, " regular people acting together online can change the direction of the party." Call it a MyDD for the next generation of Republicans.