The Democratic Surge (Updated)

Data released today by the Democratic Party reminds us all of just how much of a Democratic year this actually is and just how valuable a party-building exercise a competitive primary can be. The state which saw the lowest increase in turnout was Arkansas -- a measly (!) 18 percentage points. Turnout in Kansas for the Democratic Primary increased by more than 2000%. Think of the psychological benefits for a moment: Democrats get to practice voting, they get to experience the satisfaction of being part of a cause greater than themselves; the get the chance to feel proud to be Democrats.

Here's The Memo

CONTRASTS: Republican turnout almost everywhere either stagnated or actually decreased.

YOUNG VOTERS: Turnout tripled or quadrupled almost everyone, and it's not because of Obama: in a state like Massachusetts, won by Hillary Clinton, young voter turnout shot up by 100%.

INDEPENDENTS: The percentage of independents voting in the Democratic primaries increased

SCARY FACTS FOR REPUBLICANS: Per the DNC Memo, "In fact, in seven counties in Ohio—Putnam, Brown, Shelby, Belmont, Warren, Delaware, and Clarmont—the vote totals for our two Democratic candidates in the 2008 primary exceeded the votes for John Kerry in the general election in each of those counties."

REGISTRATION: In New Hampshire, 75,000 folks registered as Democrats on Election Day to participate, exceeding the entire Democratic registration shift in 2000.