Talking Points

Henry Farrell:

Stephen Hayes was on NPR a few minutes ago complaining about how Scott McLellan wasn’t very interesting, because he was just delivering ‘left wing blogworld talking points.’ This complaint itself, of course, being itself a re-iteration of a Karl Rove talking point.

Ironic, yes. More broadly, this line of response to McClellan simply consists of repeating what's so damning about McClellan's new book but saying it as if this discredits him. But the point is this: Scott McClellan, longtime George W. Bush press flack, is now talking like a left-wing blogger. Right-wing flack talking like a right wing flack -- not news. Left-wing blogger talking like a left-wing blogger -- not news. Right-wing flack talking like a left-wing blogger -- news. It's as if a man is biting a dog in the middle of the street. Is this enough penitence to redeem McClellan for his sins? Not in my book. But it's still an extraordinary turn of events.

We are all shrill bloggers now.