At the NRA convention in Kentucky this afternoon, Karl Rove portrayed Barack Obama as an effete, South Side liberal who claims he's immune to criticism and and who would confiscate guns by the barrel. The gun stuff is much less important than Rove's general line of argument; Rove has a direct line to McCain advisers Steve Schmidt and Charlie Black and has been pushing the campaign to make these sorts of contrasts.

Through a transcription provided by the wonderful Jamie Farnsworth of CBS News, it seems that Rove pulled the old anticipate-the-response card: "We know what he's going to say-- it's divisive, distractive, keeps us from coming together. After all, he says, we are the change we have been waiting for. what the heck does that mean?"

"Does it mean we've been keeping ourselves waiting? Why was change late anyway? I don't get it. let me tell you what's divisive. It is divisive to undermine the Second Amendment, to undermine to constitution of the United States."

More Rove: "It is divisive to say one thing and do another, to belittle the values of the people -- which is exactly what Obama was doing in San Francisco. Our answer is no we won’t."

Here's a shot:

"Let me tell you what's distracting -- it is distracting to say change when you have no experience of making real change. .... It is distracting to say that an American flag on a lapel is a substitute for patriotism ... then this week start showing up with an American flag on your lapel...."

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