Reality Principle Watch: NARAL Endorses Obama; Clinton Endures

The AP reports, and I can confirm, that NARAL Pro-Choice America has endorsed Barack Obama.

NARAL president Nancy Keenan said in a statement: "Today, we are proud to put our organization's grassroots and political support behind the pro-choice candidate whom we believe will secure the Democratic nomination and advance to the general election. That candidate is Senator Obama."

Clinton's high command is hosting a conference call right now. Terry McAullife, the chairman of the campaign, has a new talking point. It's "Hillary Clinton has now moved ahead in the popular vote." (He requires Florida and Michigan to make this claim) -- but Clinton's margin in West Virginia -- more than 147,000 votes, was quite helpful. Wolfson, anticipating the May 31 DNC meeting, said that "[w]e will continue to argue that Florida and Michigan will be seated 100 percent." (The DNC's rules and bylaws committee, under this scenario, would have to agree to stand down completely and render itself neutered for future election cycles.)

CBS's Jim Axelrod asked about the Clinton campaign's new total delegate universe -- 2210 -- which includes the full Florida and Michigan delegations. "What has changed, aside from Sen. Obama getting closer 2025?" Axelrod asked. Responded Howard Wolfson: "I think there was every expectation that we would not have a significant outpouring of support for the Democratic primaries in Florida and Michigan. " Wolfson said that the campaign used the new number only after challenges were filed with the rules and bylaws committee. "If you want to get into the philosophy, rather than the number, we have been consistent in saying that Florida and Michigan ought to be seated."

NB: Gov. Ed Rendell still supports Hillary but very much will push for the unity ticket.