RBC Meeting: Live Wire Two: Obama Endorses Ausman Compromise

12:02 p.m: Wexler is yelling. "We must find a way...to resolve this situation so that Florida may participate in this historic nominating process that will soon come to a close." ... Says the rules provide for a reduction in the NUMBER of pledged delegates... Wexler announces Obama campaign's support for Ausman petition... -- says it would award Clinton a net 19 delegates... "Sen. Obama should be commended for his willingness to offer this extraordinary concession.... "

11:58 :Wexler acknowledges that the election was held without a compliant delegate election plan; "both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton pledged not to campaign in Florida and both agreed at the time that the primary would not count. This contest was not a normal primary election." Argues that Obama's decision to follow the rules. Wexler notes said that the RBC told the campaigns that the process was non-binding; addresses a "canard;" this is "completely untrue." Wexler downplays the Obama campaign's roll in pushing against a new Florida primary.

11:56: This is an Obama crowd; Rep. Robert Wexler, identified with the Obama campaign, gets the loudest applause so far.

11:55: SOME SPARKS Don Fowler asks if the committee restored 100 percent of the delegates to Florida, Sen. Nelson would agree to that? He says yes. James Roosevelt: "Don, this is out of order." Fowler: "It's one question.." Roosevelt: "It's one question, but it's out of order."

11:54: Clinton adviser Tina Flournoy asks: "If ten people voted or 20 people voted; does it matter to you the difference?" The Clinton folks are trying to establish a grounding in the notion that if the full delegation isn't seated, then justice will not be done.

11:52: Brazile asks about the demographic diversity; Joyner says that the delegation is in full compliance.

11:49: Donna Brazile is given a spontaneous round of applause.

11:48: Asked which proposal she supports, Joyner: "I want it all!," noting that in life, you sometimes don't get what you want.

11:41: Joyner: "It's the responsibility of the party to seat these delegates and restore our confidence. ... You have the ability to give voices back to the 1.75 million voters in Florida."

11:39: Courtesy of CBS News's Jamie Farnsworth, here's what Bill Clinton said about seating the Florida and Michigan delegation.

“The republicans said something very differently. They said ok you guys went out of line and our party rules provide that we can seat you but you’ll only have ½ a delegate for your elected delegates and your superdelegates will be seated and (inaudible) votes. Our rules provide for exactly the same thing and we didn’t do that. Then she said ok well then give them another election and he said no. I mean basically he instructed his supporters in the Michigan legislature to kill any attempt to have a re-vote. So probably the only option then is to seat them under our rules as half delegates.”

11:38: Jones: "The price that we paid for trying to protect our voters was that we were told that our votes wouldn't count."

11:29: State Rep. Arthena Joyner speaks on behalf of the Clinton campaign

11:28: Bill Nelson gets a huge round of applause.