RBC Meeting: Live Wire 3: Clinton V. Obama

RBC member Alice Huffman asks why a full delegate seating would be tantamount to be disunity.

Wexler: "Respectfuly, I wish you had asked this question last year."

Huffman says she couldn't have envisioned the future

Wexler declares that no one supports voters rights more than he does.

12:25: Tina Flournoy, representing the Clinton campaign, asks Wexler, representing the Obama campaign, whether he would accept a full delegation seating with full votes given to the delegates.

Wexler: "We have answered the question."

Flournoy: "No you haven't."

Wexler: "The issue is how do we become unified."

Flournoy: "Thank you, Congressman. I think we understand your answer."

The Clinton folks in the crowd hiss at Wexler.

Harold Ickes then asks Wexler why he thinks Obama has conceded anything.

Wexler: "What we are saying is that up to the number 19, which is the maximum amount allowable under the Ausman petition and your rules, we the Obama campaign ... have agreed to a concession..." He notes that "In the state of Ohio and the state of Pennsylvania together, Sen. Clinton won a total of 19 delegates.." (He means NET delegates)...