RBC Live Wire 7: Clinton Nets 24 Delegates

Clinton nets 24 delegates out of the day.

A Democratic official close to Sen. Carl Levin says: "He is pleased they have made progress over where they were this morning. He is confident that the full delegation will be seated with full voting rights at the convention."

7:16: Some Clinton supporters begin to shout: "McCain, McCain, McCain."

7:15: Michigan compromise motion passes; 19 to 8.

7:05: A senior Michigan Democrat: "We will continue to work until the full delegation is seated but have reason to believe the candidate will restore 100% when picked."

7:04: A spokesperson for Sen. Levin says that he's "going to keep working until Michigan is fully seated with full voting rights at the convention."

7:03: Ickes: "Mrs. Clinton has reserved her right to take this to the credentials committee."

7:02: Ickes: "Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path toward unity."

7:00 pm: Mr. Ickes continues. "Not only will this motion hijack four delegates from Mrs. Clinton, it will take 55 delegates from uncommitted status, which is a recognized presidential status under our constitution and convert them to Barack Obama."

6:58: A senior DNC official says that Sen. Carl Levin is not likely to challenge the Michigan seating.

6:57: Don Fowler, former DNC chairman, and a Clinton supporter, announces his support for the motion. Ickes: "I rise in opposition. I find it inexplicable that this body that is supposedly devoted to rules is going to fly in the face of other than for our affirmative action rules the single most fundamental rule in the delegate selection process, that is, fair reflection."

6:54: On To Michigan: Mame Reiley moves that all pledged delegate positions in Michigan be restored with one half vote; Clinton 69 delegates casting 34.5 votes, Obama's 59 delegates casting 29.5 votes; a net of five.

6:51: Vote to restore participation of entire Florida delegation with half a vote, netting Clinton 19 votes. Near unanimity on the committee. 27-0 and one non-voting.

6:50: Clinton campaign signals it will support the half vote compromise.

6:48: Lots of shouting. "This is disunity. You just took way votes." Huff: "We're giving some back to you." Shouting: "Lipstick on a pig."

6:47: A senior DNC official says that there is a tentative agreement among enough party leaders to seat Florida's delegation fully and give them a half vote, netting Clinton 19 votes, and to seat Michigan's delegation in full and give them half votes according to the Gang of Four's proposal: 69 to 59. The official notes that the public debate might change things.

6:46: Ralph Dawson motions to restore full delegation at one half vote. Again, boos from the audience. 52.5 delegates; Edwards: 6.5 delegates; Obama: 33.5. (Clinton nets 19.)

6:41: The motion to restore a full delegate slate to Florida will a full vote: two-thirds. Crowd cheers the vote. The vote fails, 12-13. Members of the crowd start to scream "Denver, Denver, Denver."

6:37: Alice Germond is hissed when she calls FL and MI "unsanctioned beauty contests." ... Lots of hisses and boos and Germond continues. "Shame on you!" yells a member of the crowd.

6:36: Flournoy: the motion "has no chance of passing this body. It saddens me. I understand the rules.; I understand their perfections and imperfections. ... Being a party of inclusion [drove this rule]... [cheers]..... I'm saddened by the fact that we will take a vote that does not bring Michigan back in with the full vote. I wish we could vote differently."

6:35: Yvonne Gates: "What happened, in my opinion is, that Florida did not follow the rules that we set up. But when you have rules, they must be followed, and when they're not followed, we have chaos."

6:29: Huff: "I know that this particular motion runs counter to what we'll do in 2012...this really is about energizing the state of Florida and energizing the voters and making sure that they have all that they need to do battle." ... The motion is opposed by David McDonald... who believes that the original decision was made without regard to parochial political interest. Whatever the situation was in 2007, "at some point, the Democrats in Florida tried to get a re-vote. They tried to give their people an opportunity to vote within our rules. But this ought to be a party in which we may have to take stands, but we welcome people back."

6:26: Alice Huff motions to fully seat the Florida delegates and give them their full voting rights. Loud cheers from the gallery... Herman rebukes the crowd.

6:26: The Obama campaign confirms that Sen. Barack Obama has quit Trinity United Church in Chicago.

6:24: First up: The Ausman challenge. Herman: "The co-chairs recommend that debate be limited to ten minutes per motion."

6:23: Co-Chair James Roosevelt says that the members "have reviewed the testimony and oral arguments" for each of the challenges. No word of the negotiations.

6:19: Harold Ickes, one hand clutching a cell phone, the other, gesturing a few inches from Alexis Herman's face. He looks unhappy.

6:16: Co-chair Alexis Herman is slowly making her way to the table. Herman and Clinton supporter/RBC member Tina Flournoy are having an animated conversation. Harold Ickes has just joined them.

6:13: Still chit-chatting. There are some Clinton people in the room now.

6:06 pm: Well, they're back. But they're chit-chatting.