RBC Live Wire 5: Clinton V, Obama On Michigan

Lunch break -- an hour and a half lunch period.

3:01: Contretemps between the chair of the committee, James Roosevelt, and Harold Ickes; Roosevelt chides Ickes to only ask questions during the question time and not pontificate.

3:00 Under the "concession" proposal floated by Obama and the one that (probably) will be accepted by the committee, Clinton would get 52.5 delegate VOTES and Obama would get 33.5 DELEGATE VOTES for a NET of 19 DELEGATE Votes. Note that Clinton will seat a NET of 38 people who are delegates, but since each gets a half a vote, she will get 19 DELEGATE Votes. Clinton would seat 105 actual people; Obama would seat 67. The superdelegates would each get a half of a vote as well, but, obviously, those votes are counted independently of the pledged delegates.

2:25: Blanchard: "You must NOT turn you back on our loyal state." Blanchard: the candidates taking their names off the ballot "was a knowing, willing decision. It doesn't make the election flawed. It makes a flawed strategy."

2:25: Speaking for Clinton, Ex-MI Gov. James Blanchard talks about his mother and his children. We're running an hour behind schedule.

2:20: Tina Flournoy tongue-in-cheek proposes a 50/50 delegate slating for 2012...

2:19: Mark Brewer notes that the 73-55 allocation formula was used to elect district delegates; Flournoy notes that "So.. the January primary has been used.".... In other words, it's already been recognized.

2:17: Carol Khare Fowler (an Obama supporter) asks what kind of delegate slating process does Bonior envision? Bonior: "Our basic position is that we need to have the Obama campaign and the candidate involved in the slating process."

2:15: Bonior points to the Florida "concession" as a reason to treat Michigan fairly.

2:12: Mame Reiley, a Clinton supporter, "My concern is the allocation. I do really worry that this body making a determination. I worry that we're getting so caught up in the division of those delegates, that I think we should honor the integrity of the voters and the vote. If I knew then what I know today, would I have voted the way I did? Probably not... I want to be fair, I want to do the right thing... I do believe in honoring the debate... and it is flawed... I have total confidence that uncommitted vote will go for Sen. Obama... I can be persuaded to recognize 50%... I've have to be convinced of 100%."

Where we are:

1. Obama campaign acknowledges Florida compromise to give Clinton a net 19 delegates;
2. Clinton campaign wants full slate with full voting powers, not full state with half voting powers
3. Sen., Carl Levin endorses MI Dem proposal to allocate 69 delegates to Clinton and 59 delegates to Obama -- a full delegation.
4. Rep. David Bonior, speaking on behalf of the Obama campaign, wants a 64-64 seating but hints that the campaign would accept a 32-32 seating.