RBC Live Wire 4: The Michigan Presenation And Ickes v. Levin

1:51: Ex-Rep. David Bonior, speaking on behalf of the Obama campaign, urges "fairness" and a consideration of those voters who did not process. Bonior calls the Michigan Dem proposal "arbitrary." "We are aware that the committee members to allow Michigan a full delegation with only a reduction in the voting strength.".... It is "clear that the resulting delegates should be split evenly between the two remaining candidates.

1:50: Levin :If you are unable or unwilling to reach a conclusion on the proportion issue, then fine. If you can't reach a conclusion, it would have to go to the credentials committee."

1:50: Ickes: :"You made some passing reference to the credentials committee."

1:48: Levin: "What we have done is what all of you the Obama campaign would not accept a full delegation/full vote status. His answer: "unity."