Phanton Disenfranchisement

Dana Goldstein reports from the Hillary Clinton rally outside the DNC meeting:

That's not to say the rhetoric wasn't a tad overheated. Dozens of people said they wouldn't vote for Obama if he prevails. "Count me now, or don't count on my vote," read the sign carried by Cindy Malzan, a 51-year old from Buffalo, New York. "No."

It seems to me that it's one thing if Clinton backers from upstate New York want to argue on behalf of Clinton backers from Florida and Michigan that delegates selected in those states' illicit primaries should be seated. But it's really a bit bizarre for Malzan to be acting as if someone is casting doubt on the validity of her vote. Nobody is dispute Clinton's right to her delegates from New York or California or any other state where the won a properly conducted primary.

Meanwhile, people who are seriously drawn to Hillary Clinton's plans on health care, climate change but also think they might vote for John McCain in the fall rather than the candidate with plans that are very similar to Clinton's are being a bit confused. People who are seriously drawn to Clinton on feminist grounds but are considering staying home in the fall so McCain can replace John Paul Stevens with another justice in the mold of Alito or Roberts really need to think harder.