Obama Camp: White House Has Its Talking Points Confused

Though White House aide Ed Gillespie said the target, if there was a target, of President Bush's speech yestreday was Jimmy Carter, Obama spokesman Bill Burton passed along two "crystal clear examples" of the White House saying that the speech was intended to suggest, without naming, Barack Obama. The examples are laundered through the brains of two very well respected White House correspondents.

NBC (John Yang): Speaking on background, a senior administration official says the president's language to anyone -- the official specifically mentioned Obama and former President Jimmy Carter's suggestion that the U.S. talk to Hamas -- who has suggested engaging with rogue states or terrorist groups without first getting some leverage.

CNN (Ed Henry): While the words Barack Obama were never used White House aides privately admit the President referring not just to Barack Obama but other Democrats like Jimmy Carter, for example, who has recently suggested himself has sat down with Hamas leaders and has suggested that the U.S. government to should sit down with Hamas. So, the inference is clear. Although the President didn't name names, administration officials are privately acknowledging this was a shot at Barack Obama and other Democrats.

With respect: Gillespie and Dana Perino are ... contradicting the SAOs who briefed Ed Henry and John Yang. SAOs tend to be more forthcoming. Make of it what you will.