No MI/FL Deal Imminent

Here's an e-mail sent by Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski to Democratic chiefs of staff in Florida. The AP story he refers to I cannot find online anymore.

From: Mark Bubriski
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 2:33 PM
To: Congressional COSs
Cc: Leonard Joseph; Karen Thurman
Subject: important clarificatio

Congressional Staff,

The AP story that just hit the wire is causing a little media frenzy in light of developments in Michigan - however, it's inaccurate.

At least as far the state party knows, there is no imminent "deal" or "plan" to seat the Florida delegation in the works. We continue to discuss the issue with the campaigns and the DNC as we have for months now, but we're not on the verge of any deal nor are we talking about a one.

We have asked AP to correct the story.

Please feel free to pass on to your bosses and press.

Thank you,