No Bike For You


It seems that students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School high school in Jersey raised $2,000 to pay for a new bike rack at their school. Sounds like a pretty good idea. Biking isn't for everyone, and it's not for every trip, but it's an appealing option for many trips and promoting biking reduces congestion and pollution while promoting public health and exercise. Indeed, the only problem with the "students raise $2,000 for a bike rack" story seems to me to be that this is the kind of thing a school district ought to be willing to shell out for (wouldn't build a suburban school with no car parking, would you).

But the school said no! Katherine Dransfield, who was trying to start a school bike club, explained that "Essentially what they told us was that they didn't want to promote biking as a way to get to school."