NARAL PCA Members Outraged At Obama Endorsement

From their own members and readers of their blog. Try to find more than a handful of comments to their PAC endorsement post that aren't angry...

(Note: some of the swarm appears to be directed...)

N, Miller: "I have never been so disgusted. How dare you claim to represent pro-choice women and then turn your back on one of the most influential women's right advocates in recent history?"

Shameful: "I am insulted, as all pro-choice Democratic women should be, that Naral would endorse Senator Obama."

Jon: "You could have waited until after the Oregon primary."

Alyssa: "NARAL has completely lost my support."

Mare: "Et tu Brute!"

The anger is focused at NARAL for now, and these women would probably never vote for John McCain, but Barack Obama _does_ need them to vote, and should he win the nomination, he will have to work to integrate them into his coalition. Hillary Clinton's exit, if it comes, must be treated carefully.