Mississippi Ain't Louisiana, But

Via Ben, the Republicans are trying to double down on the bet that linking the Democratic congressional candidate, Travis Childers, to Barack Obama, is still the right way to hurt him among white voters.

Those of us national political reporters covered the race for Louisiana's 6th congressional district only when the NRCC and Freedom's Watch decided to compare Democrat Don Cazayoux to Barack Obama, and we've interpreted the results of the race as a referendum on the tactic. Taking away nothing from Cazayoux's victory, though, it appears as if local issues and the general fatigue with Republican candidate Woody Jenkins were as much as, if not more of a factor.

So back to Mississippi. Davis is banking on especially high turnout among conservative Republicans. (With gas prices at record highs, his campaign's taken the risk (?) of flying in Vice President Cheney for a last minute GOTV rally next Monday.) Hence the attempt to induce drag on the Democrat.

By the way: Cazayoux is pronounced "Cashew."