McCain's Judicial Vision Speech

John McCain's policy aides are finishing what may be his most essential speech to date for conservatives who suspect that McCain does not share their values. On Tuesday, he'll travel to North Carolina for a speech on his judicial vision and philosophy. In attendance will be former presidential candidate Fred Thompson and conservative uber-lawyer Ted Olson. Expect McCain to explain his general principles for choosing justices to the Supreme Court. Later in the week, McCain will give a speech about the evils of human trafficking and child pornography.

He's not on a conservative kick, though -- he plans to transition to a series of events about the environmnent by the end of next week. Indeed, his advisers say that their own polling and public polling shows that while Republicans in general may not be as enthusiastic about the election as Democrats are, McCain is pulling in more than 80% of the Republican electorate, which is comparable to other Republican nominees at this point. Those Republicans who remain skeptical, McCain's advisers say, are moderates and liberals, not conservatives.