Lisa Graham Keegan

So John McCain's education policy advisor is Lisa Graham Keegan, who turns out to be a rather colorful figure in Arizona politics which included a stint as the founder and director of a group called the Education Leaders Council:

In a pair of 2006 reports, the inspector general for the U.S. Education Department said the ELC had used money inappropriately during the time Keegan was its chief executive. The ELC also had a poor financial-management system and inadequate written procedures for subcontracting, the reports said.

Even before the report, The Arizona Republic reported that some ELC board members were alarmed about Keegan's $235,000 salary and six-figure deals for other executives. During a three-year span beginning in 2003, eight members of the ELC's board of directors quit, along with four of its top executives, including Keegan, the auditors wrote.

But before she was an inept and possibly corrupt non-profit executive, she spearheaded the rapid growth of charter schools in Arizona in the 1990s. Her policies led to the creation of a lot of charter schools (nice), but did so with extremely sketchy oversight and accountability (less nice), leading to a situation where "accounts of charter schools gone bad in Arizona became commonplace" including districts selling charters inappropriately, unconstitutional religious instruction, illegal discrimination against disabled people, etc. and an eventual spate of reforms aimed at reigning the system in.