I'd mark myself down as skeptical that we're going to see a ton more Childers-style wins in the context of a non-special election, but if we do it'll be built on the backs of guys like Josh Segall who's running for congress in Alabama and who I met last night courtesy of our mutual friend Chris Hayes. Josh is, among other things, running on a strong campaign of economic nationalism that he thinks will appeal to the enduring sensibilities of Alabama voters at a time when they're disgruntled with the consequences of military nationalism abroad but hardly eager to abandon the entire mindset.

On the merits, I don't think that kind of approach to economic policy is very promising, but it's an interesting theory of electoral politics and I think not as problematic on the merits as things like doomed efforts at world conquest. Meanwhile, Segall's marrying that to a welcome message about the need to do more for our veterans and especially our national guardsman. Not sure he really has enough of a drawl to pull off Alabama, but he's a legitimate 4th generation Alabamian so maybe it's just my yankee prejudice that says he needs a thicker accent.