Good Timing For Jim Webb

How 'bout that? Sen. Jim Webb's new book will be released on May 15, just as reporters like me start to speculate about his chances of becoming Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential nominee.


"A Time To Fight: Reclaiming a Just And Fair America" is Webb's most explicitly political to date, and it takes some potshots at the Democratic establishment. (Newsy!) Webb writes about martial values and military service, but his main subject is what he terms the "forgotten" working class. He blends history and contemporary observations and sketches out the policies that would work toward the end of reclaiming America for average joes and janes. The timing, again, is impeccable: right when Obama is starting to look around, ah, here's a guy who can go toe-to-toe with John McCain on national security, is beloved by white working class voters, puts Virginia into play instantly, and has a charming way with the media.