DNC Memo: McCain's Failing

Here's a preview of a new DNC memo out tomorrow with the goal of persuading reporters to ask whether John McCain is failing to connect with voters and is losing ground.

Here's the memo.

And here's an excerpt:

Despite having wrapped up the Republican nomination nearly three months ago, John McCain has failed to reap the benefit of extra time and has failed to connect with the American people. As a measure of how much of an uphill climb McCain faces this November, the GOP standard-bearer has actually lost ground against his potential Democratic opponents and Republican voters have actually come out to vote against him since he became the presumptive nominee. McCain has failed to shore up the Republican base, trails in poll numbers, has tied himself to unpopular positions and an unpopular President, and continues to post fundraising numbers nowhere near the level of the two remaining Democratic candidates

There's a reason for the DNC pointing out these numbers. They want To Dole-ify McCain and try to demoralize the Republican base. So expect a DNC talking point to be that not only shoudn't McCain it, not only can't he win, but he won't win. Period.