Cottle on Pelosi

I'm an unabashed Nancy Pelosi admirer. She's the most influential real liberal in Washington, DC and depending on how things turn out in the Obama administration will either retain that title or else will have been the one who blazed the trail he walks down. Her elevation to become top House Democrat was thought by centrists likely to doom the party to the "McGovernite wilderness" for a generation, but instead she led them to victory only to be met with a weird boomlet of enthusiasm for dumping her in favor of Rahm Emmannuel. But she's done a good job as Speaker, and the excitement around Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has often made me wonder why there hasn't been more excitement around her rise to power -- a rise which actually fits the model of a smart, tough woman making it in a male-dominated world without compromising her principles much better.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that I really enjoyed Michelle Cottle's appreciation of Pelosi in the new TNR and encourage others to check it out.