Clinton's Victory Declaration

Hillary Clinton's victory declaration was, for the second week in a row, a justification for her continued presence in the race, an exhortation to Democrats to give her a few more weeks, an explanation for the enthusiasm she generates in Appalachia, and, in an acknowledgment of reality, a promise to vigorously campaign for the eventual nominee in the fall.

"I commend Senator Obama and his supporters as we go toe-to-toe, we do see eye-to-eye in uniting our party to elect a Democrat president."

Toe to toe? Maybe big toe to pinky toe...

"Why do they turn out in face of nay sayers? You know that our political process is more than candidates running, pundits or even about winning a primary or a nomination..…it’s a path we choose as a nation."

They're voting because Clinton tells them that their vote counts.

"I have done it not because I’ve wanted to demonstrate my toughness I believe passionately we must take back the White House."

She really does believe that she'd be a better commander in chief than Obama. And if she wanted to stay in the race just to hurt Obama (the 2012 Theorem), she would have withdrawn at the height of the Rev. Wright affair.

"I am going to keep making our case until we have a nominee whoever she may be."

I think that's the line the Clinton campaign wants to echo...