Clinton in West Virginia: Lead Me To Victory

This was much less of a victory speech than a sustained argument for Hillary Clinton's continued viability. "The bottom line is this," she said. "The White House is won in the swing states, and I am winning in the swing states."

"The question is: why do so many people keep voting? Why did 64% of Democrats say in a recent poll say they wanted this race to continue? The American people ...know what's at stake...two wars, the brink of a recession, oil shooting through the roof, oil prices and gas prices..."

"I am so grateful for this overwhelming vote of confidence. There are some who have wanted to cut this race short. They say, give up, it's too hard, the mountain is too high. But here in West Virginia, you know a thing or two about rough roads to the top of the mountain."

Clinton vowed to stay in the race "until every one has had their the chance to have their voices heard."

"An enormous decisions falls on the shoulders of Democratic voters. In these final contests and those Democrats empowered to vote at the convention. I want to send a message to everyone still making up their minds. I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate to lead our party in 2008 and the strongest president to lead our nation starting in January of 2009."

"You know I'll never give up. I'll stand with you as long as you stand with me."

Here's Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson on Clinton's way forward: