CA Judges Not Unelected

Reader J.B. writes:

One problem with Rep. Blunt's ignorant statement condemning the California Supreme Court ruling is his reference to the justices as "unelected judges." Justices of the California Supreme Court are appointed by the governor, but unlike U.S. Supreme Court justices, serve specific terms, and must be confirmed by the voters in order to retain their positions. All seven members of the California court have been confirmed by the voters.

Kennard -- confirmed 2006 with 74.5%
Corrigan -- confirmed 2006 with 74.4%
Werdegar -- confirmed 2002 with 74.1%
Moreno -- confirmed 2002 with 72.6%
Baxter -- confirmed 2002 with 71.5%
George -- confirmed 1998 with 75.5%
Chin -- confirmed 1998 with 69.3%