Andrew Explains Decision To Switch

"I'm calling on my all of my friends who are superdelegates to help heal the rift and unite behind Barack Obama, now," says former Clinton supporter and former DNC chair Joe Andrew.

After saying that he's "going to be an advocate for an Obama-Bayh ticket," and suggesting that the vice presidential nominee should come from the other "side" of the party, Andrew, in a conference call today, decided he would not explain why Clinton and Obama shouldn't join together. "Whether or not Sen. Obama would choose Sen. Clinton, or whether or not Clinton would accept that...really, it's a doesn't food on the table and doesn't solve the problems we have." Ah.

ANDREW SAID that he doesn't buy the DNC's position, which is that "this long process we're involved in is reinvigorating." But "you also see more and more polls that people are hardening their position and few of them are willing to back the other candidate." Andrew suggested that he's worried about a smear campaign of sorts as retribution for his bravery, and pointed to an attempt to alter his Wikipedia page this morning. So Andrew said that he did not call either Clinton or Obama to give them a heads up because it's "old political theater" to "make perfunctory calls." He worried that he -- Joe Andrew -- would be tempted to disclose the results of his private conversations.