A Clinton GOTV Script From North Carolina: Vanilla!

A tipster sent me a copy of a get-out-the-vote script that volunteers for Hillary Clinton are using in North Carolina. I was all excited and ready to see how her team was making hard and direct contrasts with Obama. Alas, the script is pretty vanilla. As in, positive.

"Hi, my name is _________________ and I’m calling on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in North Carolina. This Tuesday is North Carolina's presidential primary. There is so much at stake in this election and we need a President who will stand up for us. That’s why I’m supporting Hillary and I hope you will too. → Can Hillary count on your vote this Tuesday?

(a) [IF YES]—Great, Hillary is counting on your support this TUESDAY, May 6th. This election is going to be close and the stakes couldn’t be higher—Hillary needs your vote. Remember, Hillary is counting on you to vote. Polling locations are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

(b) [IF UNDECIDED OR LEANING OBAMA] The bottom line is that North Carolina families are facing rising costs and lower wages. Gas prices are skyrocketing, local businesses are closing and No Child Left Behind is leaving millions of American Children behind. Hillary Clinton is running for President because she believes it’s time to set our priorities straight by building an economy that supports hard-working Americans. We need a President who will cut those costs and who will also invest in alternative energy to create jobs in North Carolina we so desperately need. Hillary will invest in innovative industries to create new high-paying jobs for hard-working Americans––jobs in biotech, clean energy, and high tech. Hillary has the experience to meet the tough challenges of the Presidency with real solutions. After 8 years of President Bush, we need someone who will deliver urgent solutions to the big economic problems North Carolina faces by ending our housing crisis, jumpstarting our economy, and protecting American workers. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in this race with a health care plan to cover every single American. As President, Hillary will rebuild the middle class, curb the influence of the special interests, and restore our country to greatness. Hillary has the passion, strength, and experience to take this country back for America's middle-class and working families.

[CLOSING] Thanks so much for you time and I hope you have a great day/evening. If you ever have any questions please visit us online at HillaryClinton.com. This call is paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

Instructions follow the script. Does the voter need a ride to the poll? Did she or he not give a definitive answers? With a few touches on the phone pad, the caller sends the data directly to the Clinton campaign's boilerroom

PRESS 1…………. Definitely Supports Hillary

PRESS 3…………. Undecided

PRESS 4…………. Definitely Supports Obama

PRESS 5…………. Republican OR Not Supporting Hillary

PRESS 6…………. Refusal

PRESS 7………… Answering Machine OR Call Back

PRESS 8………….Hung-up Before Hello

PRESS 9………….Spanish Speaking

PRESS 11………..Volunteer

PRESS 22………..Supports Hillary & Already Voted


PRESS 17…………Xnfr to Rides to the Poll Hotline