8 In 10 Clinton Voters in KY Dissatisfied With Obama As The Nominee

From the folks at CBS News, some early exit polls:

In Kentucky, lots of anger and polarization. In Oregon, much less...

In Kentucky, 8 in 10 Clinton voters... say they'd be DISsatisfied if Obama were the nominee; about 60% of Clinton voters in Oregon said the same. MORE Clinton voters in KY say they'd support John McCain than say they'd support Barack Obama. (Explain that one?)

(Obama voters are split: half in Kentucky say they'd be dissatisfied; 43% of Oregon Obama voters say they'd be dissatisfied.)

In Oregon, 68% of Clinton voters say they'd vote for Obama versus 22% who say they'd vote for McCain.

In Kentucky, 6 in ten Clinton voters and 6 in ten Obama voters don't want to see the opposing candidate on the ticket.

In Kentucky, 85% of Democrats made up their mind before last week, compared to 47% of Democrats in Oregon. The economy was the top issue for voters in both states, but more so in Kentucky; in Oregon, the war in Iraq was the second priority issue for voters. A gas tax pause is favored by voters in Kentucky and not by voters in Oregon.