Wright And Obama

My best information is that Sen. Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright have talked exactly once since the first baubble of controversy in early March. The conversation was not especially pleasant.

Joe Klein writes:

And worse, Wright's purpose now seems quite clear: to aggrandize himself--the guy is going to be a go-to mainstream media source for racial extremist spew, the next iteration of Al Sharpton--and destroy Barack Obama.

Maybe. But more likely, Wright is not content for the world to see him as a surrogate for Barack Obama, whom he regularly and repeatedly minimizes as a "politician." A paradox: when Wright's sermons first saw the bandwith of air on ABC News and elsewhere, Obama allies and Wright supporters begged reporters to broadcast and publish the full sermons and to provide relevant context. Well, now the cable networks are content to let Wright talk for as long as he desires; CNN seemed to jettison their entire schedule last night in order to broadcast Wright's entire speech to the NAACP. Everyone wanted Wright's full context: now they have him.