Veepwatch: Jindal

We'll get the chance today to watch Sen. John McCain's body language when he tours New Orleans with Gov. Bobby Jindal. The short argument for Jindal's ticket inclusion begins by noting how he's been a breath of fresh air for Lousianans, governing as a pragmatic anti-corruption conservative. He's got sterling right-wingy credentials; an endorsement from Rush Limbaugh, the right positions on immigration, the attractive life story; the ethnic diversity; the geographical balance; he's a Roman Catholic convert, too. He's also 36 years old -- barely but legitimately constitutionally eligible. The downside: he's used his political capital in Louisiana; whether his reforms succeed depends on his presence. He's not about to abandon the state to serve the lesser interests of his ambitions.

NB: Jindal makes his national television debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow.