Trouble in Paradise

Laura Rozen reports on conservative grumbling about Sheldon Adelson and Freedom's Watch. It hardly seems fair to me to blame Adelson for not having single-handedly created a MoveOn-style mass movement. That's just not the kind of thing one person can do. And of course it took MoveOn years worth of campaigning to become the MoveOn that it is today. And beyond that, the essence of the MoveOn project is to identify things that progressives are interested in that aren't being done aggressively by the existing infrastructure -- what the right seems to want is for a vast new organization to spring up to support exactly what they're doing right now.

That, of course, is what every politician wants but it's not how you create a new grassroots movement. I bet that if a new grassroots movement were springing up on the right, most pillars of the conservative movement would like it very much -- it'd probably be Huckabeeish or some other trend that's well-represented in public opinion but poorly represented in DC.