The "Willie Horton" Ad On Obama

This is from Floyd Brown's Expose Here's some background on the group. A sidebar accompanying the ad on Brown's website says the campaign plans to raise $300,000 to run the ad against "Barack Hussein Obama." The group is also using the Newsmax list to raise money, warning:

Make no mistake, there are people in the United States who despise America... hate America... and hate our way of life. Barack Hussein Obama is THEIR CANDIDATE and they will do everything in their power to make sure that patriotic Americans do not understand exactly how dangerous Barack Hussein Obama really is. They'll hide his record and his past and they'll tar-and-feather his opposition.

The ad may be a video press release; there's no specific information about the buy. It also seems to be deliberatively provocative, designed to raise its own profile, designed to attract attention from those with fear in their hearts. It's also a reminder that a general election featuring Obama and McCain may unavoidably be a nasty affair, even if both principles disavow the nastiness.