The Snitchin' Candidate

Everything about this John McCain ad is bizarre, from the headless, anonymous rock star to the wisps of smoke to the fact that it goes out of its way to mention that McCain's middle name is "Sidney" to the fact that the core of the ad is an anecdote about how McCain learned the importance of ratting out your friends at a tony boarding school.

But let's just focus on McCain's impressive consistency. His example of baseball greatness is Ted Williams. A great player, to be sure. But also the only major star named after Teddy Roosevelt, and a guy with a much more impressive military record than your other major athletes. Basically, all McCain cares about is martial glory, even when he's ostensibly talking about baseball.

Anyways, don't candidates who attended fancy prep schools normally try to downplay that sort of thing? Everyone in America, after all, went to school and almost all of them are going to remember that they didn't go to a school with an "honor code."